Glass of the Finest Quality Available from Tonbridge, Kent

Backed by more than 37 years of experience, our company in Tonbridge, Kent, is the right choice for glass that is first-class. Manufacturing our very own double-glazed units in-house, nobody else in the area offers this with the quick turnaround that we provide. As well as high-grade windows and doors, we can also replace your old glass with fire glass. Take a look at the information below for more details regarding our product range.

Glass and Glazing

  • Splashbacks

    Our quality, specialist designs in splashbacks are a fantastic replacement for kitchen and bathroom tiles. Heat-resistant with 6mm toughened glass painted or colour-matched to your own design, and also safety-backed, these beautiful, seamless splashbacks can enhance any space - behind hobs, sinks, or even the entire wall if desired. They can be worked around any protruding objects, sockets, and light switches.

    You can choose a colour that suits and we can match to any RAL colour, or paint name. Alternatively, you can have a unique design created by Graeme, our in-house glass processor. All unique splashback designs by Graeme can never be duplicated as they are created by hand.

  • Glass Architecture

    Balustrade/Glass Roof Lanterns/Glass Floors and Doors

    Balustrades can give a lovely, light, and sleek look to internal areas of your home or business, while also offering a secluded area of a minimalistic style externally. This can be a clear or frosted glass design to suit your specifications with a choice of framing or no framing, stainless steel fixtures, and fittings if desired. Clamps are also available on request.

    Glass roof lanterns, floors, and doors can create unique areas of light and transparency to your home or business all of which can be provided in UPVC, aluminium, timber, or open design clamped. All our specialist architecture glass items are available by request only.

  • Mirrors

    Created in 4mm or 6mm traditionally, we can look after your mirror needs and ensure that our solutions include any shapes or sizes. All the mirrors we provide are safety-backed with a film for added protection. Whatever your requirements, whether it is a bevelled edge, drill holes, shaped, antique, polished edge, or a coloured mirror, we can supply and install all of these options for you. If you would like to see more of our antique or colour mirror range, then pop down to our showroom at Morley Road to take a look!

    Please note that frames are not supplied by JP Glass.

  • Polished Edge Work

    When you require smooth, precise edges for all your shelving or mirror needs, we can polish to perfection! Up to 19mm thickness on our straight-edge polisher, the finish is quite exquisite. All polishing work on customer's own glass is taken at their own risk.

  • Shelving and Furniture

    Catering to all of your shelving needs with any thickness of glass desired, dependent on weight capacity for the shelving, we can provide: 

    • Toughened Safety Glass
    • Polished Options
    • Bevelled Options
    • Drill Holes to Cope with Fixtures and Fittings

    We can also provide chrome clamps or brackets for fixing. Our safety glass can be cut to size to incorporate some beautiful table top surfaces, cabinets, home-entertainment unit shelving, or any shaped glass to provide a bespoke covering for your furniture.

  • Sandblasted/Etched Glass

    For your own design of artwork on your required glass, we offer the sophisticated elegance of sandblasted panels. Treating the surface by impacting the glass with tiny grains of sand sprayed at high pressure, this gives the glass a rough texture. It is also clear coated to stop the glass picking up easy marks, which means that your unique design, whether it be numbers or patterns, will be easy to clean and satisfying to view.

  • Glass Type

    Supplying a variety of glass types to suit all requirements, we can conform to safety regulation glass with precision even on our contract building sites.

    • Toughened Glass (Single, Double, or Triple Glazing):
      Toughened glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass. If it were to be attached and smashed, it would shatter into small, tiny pieces with dulled edges to ensure that the risk of getting an injury is reduced. Toughened glass is cut to size before the heat treatment process.
    • Laminated (Single-Laminated for Shop Fronts, Homes, or Businesses):
      Consisting of 2 layers of ordinary glass sandwiched together by a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral layer), the shards of glass will remain adhered to the interlayer if the glass is broken, therefore reducing the risk of injury.
    • Acoustic Glass:
      This acts as a dampening core to prevent sound frequencies vibrating from 1 pane of glass to another. The plastic interlayer has additional safety and security qualities also found in laminate glass.
    • Low-Iron Glass:
      Low-iron glass is ultra-clear and provides higher transparency compared to clear float glass, by removing the iron oxide content used to produce glass. This minimises the green tint, leaving a clearer finish.
    • Patterned Glass:
      The Pilkington Pattern and Texture selections along with the Barron Glass traditional ranges can supply a beautiful level of obscurity to suit your style and privacy level.
    • Fire Glass:
      This particular type of glass applies to new builds, schools, and various public domains. Fire glass provides specific inherent fire-resisting properties, which are designed to play a vital role in restricting damage. Based on rigorous testing, fire glass can survive in excess temperatures reaching 16000 F against normal glass (standard annealed), which will break around 2500 F. The testing gives the fire glass a rating to ensure the protection time from between 20 minutes to 3 hours, designed to account for the time it takes to leave the building.
    • Stained/Coloured Glass:
      By offering our hand-painted designs, you can now enjoy the joy of colour to suit. We offer the art of traditional stained glass repairs and replacements for all homes and businesses, as well as churches. Our complementary lead work gives a remarkable finish. Or, you can just enjoy a colourful glass top table colour matched to suit, while giving us your designs that we will recreate.
  • Fire Glass

    We cover every requirement in fire glass including the supply and installation of, all with suitable fire insulation tape to meet all building regulations.

Windows, Doors, and Conservatories

  • Create Your Own Door

    Click here to create your own door.

  • UPVC

    Our UPVC is manufactured to the highest quality. Once constructed, it will not rot, rust, peel, or flake, and the care they need to keep them looking brand-new is very minimal. In fact, a simple wipe down with soapy water every so often can keep them looking their very best.

    A small amount of stabiliser and additives are required, and the mix of which may vary slightly between different manufacturers of profiles for window and door systems. This is necessary to provide longevity, high weather, and UV resistance, and also to achieve a brilliant white colour. Being made from UPVC means that doors and windows are extremely resistant and last a very long time. It has a much longer life span than wooden doors, and you don't even have to worry about treating them with as much care.

    The way that UPVC doors and windows are constructed means that they come with a much more complex lock system, making your doors and windows completely secure and robust. UPVC door and window handles are built to prevent unwanted visitors gaining access to your home. The basic material properties of UPVC make it ideal for window and door applications, including:

    • Not Rotting or Biologically Decomposing
    • Resistant to Weathering with Low-Maintenance Requirements 
    • Tough on Impact
    • Retaining its Shape within Normal Climatic Temperatures
    • Can Be Reshaped at Very High Temperatures and Can Therefore Be Recycled

    So, choosing UPVC for your chosen project will most definitely be a sound investment. At JP Glass, we are here to help you choose the right product that suits your needs and requirements, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Aluminium

    UPVC isn’t the only great choice of windows -aluminium is also a very popular design that customers love. It has been a favoured choice for windows for decades, due to its well-known low-maintenance properties. It doesn’t rot, warp, or corrode, and lasts a very long time. The metal is relatively:

    • Soft
    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Ductile

    As a malleable metal, its appearance ranges from silvery to a dull grey, depending on the surface roughness. Additionally, it is non-magnetic and does not easily ignite.

    Due to all of its fancy aspects and advantages, aluminium is more expensive then UPVC, however it has a cost-effective choice that we can guarantee you will not regret. Aluminium offers a sleek and modern look to windows with good thermal and sound insulation properties for long-term durability and because almost every frame is double glazed and powder coated, they are both stylish and extremely energy-efficient. 

    Choosing an aluminium conservatory can give your home a feeling of contemporary style. The sleek lines of the aluminium not only let more natural light flood into your new space, but also provide a versatile option that requires very little maintenance.

    With the very best indoor designs, the latest entrance doors, double French doors, sliding patio doors, and sliding/folding doors are no exception. The Smart system, from one of our suppliers, utilises design expertise to create a modern, classic, and elegant door - made from the most durable and strong material and providing a long-lasting and highly secure performance. We know there is no better door for your home and we know you'll love them just as much as we do.

    The single and double French doors have been designed to fit anywhere in your home with front and back door options. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that when you lock your doors, they will be secure every time.

  • Timber

    Timber is beautiful when used for conservatories, windows, or doors. They are designed to complement your home, and are tailored to your specific requirements. Timber exudes an elegance that will be admired and enjoyed by all who see it.

    As a natural, breathable material, any timber frames will need more care and attention to maintain the level of beauty they create. However, this material is excellent at keeping in with conservation areas and more traditional buildings, with so much more elegance and style than your standard UPVC frames.

    For a full maintenance guide to timber, please send us an enquiry and we will forward the documents to you.

    For all customers wanting to know more about the windows, doors, and conservatories as well as secondary glazing, please refer to our brochures below. If you have a more detailed request/specification that you can't find on our website, simply email and we will be happy to help.

  • Casement Windows

    These have either PVC, wood, or aluminium frames that fit the window space exactly within the building. The windows are hung by utilising hinges as the opening device.

  • Sash Windows

    Normally fitted to older properties, sash windows are also set in a framework of wood or metal that is built into a wall, and contain a glass windowpane that opens by sliding up and down on a sash cord that is set within the frame. Over the years we have been challenged by some unusual casement window styles and peculiarities, particularly with the problems of sash windows sticking, rattling, and draughts, however due to advances in design technology and experience we have always triumphed!

    Part of the reason for our success has been our determination to provide, where possible, exactly what you want. We would not be able to provide such an accurate and detailed service if it were not for the range and quality of the products we install.

  • Leaded Lights

    Similar to sash windows, leaded lights can be problematic and have loose fitting glass that rattles and sometimes falls out because the lead joints crack and fall away. Also, the strengthening bars often rust and the ties break, causing the window to bow rather alarmingly.

    Ensuring that repair/replacement work matches the existing product is a special skill and requires sensitivity and attention to detail - that is why we are particularly keen to match the lead and replacement glass sections exactly as required to augment the natural enhancement of your home.

    Whatever your wish, we can do it!

  • French Doors

    Apart from our exacting installation standards that include energy efficiency and toughened safety glass for all our doors, it is very important that glazed French and patio doors look just as good from the inside as they do outside. The attention to detail is important and the internal décor is considered when selecting colours and styles.

    In the summer, you can welcome in the light and garden by transforming your room into an extension of the garden. In winter, you will want the flexibility of enjoying an Indian summer by quickly taking advantage of the weather, by throwing open the doors or snuggling up in the warmth of your room without draughts or condensation-covered doors. The different styles and choices means that you can choose from a range of opening types including sliding and bi-fold doors.

  • Front and Back Doors

    Naturally you would want doors to match the style of both the windows and house. Whether you are just fitting new doors, or combining the installation of doors with new double-glazed windows - we can do it!

    All beautifully designed, the elegant front doors we offer are secure and welcoming to guests and visitors, and can also be matched with the doors to the side or back of the house. The added benefit of energy-efficient doors, which have toughened safety glass installed by our qualified team, means that you can rest assured of the comfort and safety in your choice.

    We can offer a wide range of obscured glass, door furniture, and security features that keep your home free from draught and comfortably warm as well as safe and secure. Some of the work we have carried out has called for very unusual door configurations - a little more than a stable door with a dog flap! Our professionals also advise on commercial doors with automatic openings and without frames.

    So, if you have something out of the ordinary in mind, give us the opportunity of surprising you with our expertise, knowledge, and reasonable charges.

  • Conservatories

    Again, the choice of style and design, type of window/doors, and materials used can be a minefield. Even taking account of our excellent pricing and charges, your investment can be considerable - so you need to tread carefully and take the safe path to choosing the right combination.

    Get it wrong and the conservatory may not fit in with the style of the property. It could be too big, constructed with the wrong materials, and look out of place and cheap in relation to your house.
    Get the combination right and you will enjoy years of comfort and pleasure from an addition to your house that will not only enhance your style of living and home enjoyment, but also add value to your property.

    As an extension to your living area, you create a beautiful space for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying year-round comfort in a bright and comfortable additional room that is at one with your garden. Needless to say, the same degree of quality and service that we provide for supplying and installing windows and doors applies to our conservatories.

Secondary Glazing

Often the secondary glazing route is the only way you can achieve the benefits of double-glazed replacement windows. You may live in a conservation area, or maybe your property is a listed building. It could also be that you are in a long-term rental lease or a joint freehold arrangement and therefore limited as to how windows and doors can be renewed.

Naturally, installing secondary glazing has to meet the stringent standards set by the local council and agreed by your landlord. You also want your secondary glazing to flow with the rest of the building and the style of your rooms.

So, value-led complementary and unobtrusive design with concealed fixing, which causes a minimum of disturbance and leaves you with only minor redecoration, is the ideal solution that JP Glass provides. A no-frills approach to providing answers and estimates is how we can offer you a truly bespoke service.

Granada™, our preferred choice of supplier, provides outstanding noise reduction with their secondary glazing. Thanks to its unique soundproofing capabilities, secondary glazing can reduce noise pollution caused by various sources. For many homeowners, traffic noise is their biggest concern. In these instances, secondary glazing with thicker glass and fitted correctly, can make the world of difference.

Warmth is a valuable commodity and creating a second barrier to the elements is an ideal way to reduce wasteful thermal heat loss. The creation of an insulating layer of air is as important to the retention of energy as the fitment and seals. With the right glass, the result can be reduction in heat loss by as much as 65 percent.

For thermal insulation, low-e glass is often the best choice due to the glazing being designed and engineered to provide:

  • The Very Best Single Glazing Insulation
  • Maximum Energy Conservation
  • An Extremely Discreet Installation
  • An Environmentally Friendly Solution
  • An Affordable Investment

The resulting installations can exceed building regulations' requirements, offering significant cost savings in the process. It is also the product of choice for traditional buildings and properties, listed buildings, and conservation areas, maintaining their appearance, character, integrity, and value.